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The mission at Central Avenue Meats is clear: we are excited to provide the community of Great Falls and the surrounding area with the highest quality, locally-raised beef and pork. When you support our local ranchers by shopping with us, you send a clear message about the importance of local production, and how necessary it is for our community. Additionally, the comfort in personally knowing the families who are raising the animals, especially that the animals are being treated ethically, makes your shopping experience at Central Avenue Meats unique, in the best way!

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When you visit our butcher shop, we expect the difference to be clear. No dingy, dimly-lit, surroundings. Instead, we want to turn your shopping trip into an experience! Our shop should feel clean, inviting, and most importantly, a place in which we celebrate the craft of butchery. Whether it is the kid's corner, which gives the kids a chance to play while you shop, our ever-growing cookbook library, or the fresh cases, filled with both new and familiar cuts, there are options for everyone. Getting to know you, what you are cooking, and introducing you to new cuts and flavors, is how we will help you discover your new favorite meal!